SEO and SXO: the winning combination for your site

The optimization of a site for search engines, or Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) in the original version, is essential to be visible in the search results of Internet users. However, it is not enough to retain users over the long term, unlike SXO techniques … SEO & SXO: BEING SEEN TO BE VISITED The majority of Internet […]

What is a quality website according to Google?

Many factors come into play when Google measures the quality of a website. The search engine uses a multitude of tools and algorithms to make this decision. For your part, you must be able to identify the pages of good and less good quality … But also be able to determine what makes or not the […]

What is Google Discover?

Is your business having some success with Google Discover? Still not sure what Google Discover is and how to use it? Discover has a high click-through rate and can drive significant traffic to your website. This article will explain what Discover is, how to access it, and how to optimize your content through a web marketing […]

How to increase the domain authority of your website?

Today, Google takes more than 200 factors into account when determining the pecking order of a SERP. You may not be able to act on all of these levers, but do not neglect to optimize one of the most important ranking factors: domain authority, which corresponds to your website’s reputation. The search engine uses your domain authority to ensure […]

Seo Advice: Seo Expert tips for beginners in 2022

Some argue that SEO is a thing of the past and that search engines have evolved and adopted a completely autonomous algorithm. Let me prove you wrong … Before even starting your SEO campaign and going headlong, it is important to be able to answer 3 questions: What is the main theme of your site? How […]

20+ Free Edu backlinks Site list [100% working]

Are you looking for the working free .edu sites for backlinks? Or Searching for the best education blog commenting sites list? If yes, then you landed on the best site on the web. In today’s article, I will share a working list of backlink websites from where you get Edu backlinks for 100% free. For a […]

How to find my Website Rank in Google Search?

What is the ranking of a website? Difficult to answer the question “How to find my Website Rank in Google Search?” Without knowing what this classification is. The ranking of a website corresponds to the position of the latter on a results page. In addition, there is not a ranking for a website but rankings because the results […]

Google Ads for Startup: Boost visibility, generate leads, promote

When launching a startup or a new business, the need to find clients is a problem that quickly becomes necessary once the euphoria of the creation of the project has passed. The offer may be attractive, the product interesting, it is now time to find the traffic that will generate the first sales and a return on investment […]

Statistics and key figures on local SEO

You will find in this article a multitude of statistics that it can be interesting to know when we are interested in local SEO strategies . To search near you or your location, local SEO is a big help. Indeed, it will guide and target the results presented on search engines. Why is this approach relevant for your business? […]

Discover Gallery Ads: Google’s new advertising format

Everything you need to know about Gallery Ads On May 15 and 16, in California, the 2020 Google Marketing Live took place. Placed under the sign of innovation, this show is the ideal place to be inspired by the latest trends, novelties, and best practices of visionaries of the digital sphere. It was during this event that […]

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