How to create a Google Ads Advertisement?

The Google Ads advertising network provides advertisers with a multitude of advertising formats. Formerly called Google Adwords, Google Ads stands out from the others governed by its inescapable character. Indeed, if an advertiser wishes to set up a Paid media strategy, he will surely go through Google Ads. We will focus in this article […] The Google Ads advertising […]

What is Google Discover?

Is your business having some success with Google Discover? Still not sure what Google Discover is and how to use it? Discover has a high click-through rate and can drive significant traffic to your website. This article will explain what Discover is, how to access it, and how to optimize your content through a web marketing […]

Google Ads for Startup: Boost visibility, generate leads, promote

When launching a startup or a new business, the need to find clients is a problem that quickly becomes necessary once the euphoria of the creation of the project has passed. The offer may be attractive, the product interesting, it is now time to find the traffic that will generate the first sales and a return on investment […]

Discover Gallery Ads: Google’s new advertising format

Everything you need to know about Gallery Ads On May 15 and 16, in California, the 2020 Google Marketing Live took place. Placed under the sign of innovation, this show is the ideal place to be inspired by the latest trends, novelties, and best practices of visionaries of the digital sphere. It was during this event that […]


Communicating on the Internet has become something essential nowadays, but is it still possible to do it without having to pay and above all, above all, on the major medium of search, is it possible to place a free ad on Google? Yes, not just anywhere, because if there is one medium on the web where all economic […]

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