Communicating on the Internet has become something essential nowadays, but is it still possible to do it without having to pay and above all, above all, on the major medium of search, is it possible to place a free ad on Google? Yes, not just anywhere, because if there is one medium on the web where all economic players are convinced of the relevance of being there, it is on the number 1 search engine on the market, undisputed leader and for the moment still undisputed (at least in France), that is to say, on Google?

So to know if it is possible to benefit from a free Google ad, do you have to start by defining what is called Google ad?

  1. Google ad: free for some media
  2. Posting an ad on Google for free, on Adwords, is nifty!

It is possible to place a free ad on Google!

If you just want to use Google to be able to run an ad for free, rejoice, it is possible. In the same way as on Facebook, you can use the social network associated with the Mountain View giant or the location of your activity via Google My Business and you can use these supports to be able to place an ad on Google for free.

You can even use relatively new functionality to create your own website via Google for free.

You can in fact put on the latter the number of ads that suits you and all without spending a penny! So obviously you know the adage, if it’s free, you are the product.

By doing all of this, you will be providing a wealth of information about yourself to the search engine, which will know a little more about you.

On the other hand, you might say to yourself that this is already the case anyway, so a little more a little less…

Still, like a lot of free things, you’re going to be extremely limited in what you can do and what results from you can get.

This can be seen as communicating information to people who will know the web address where to go to view your ads, but most of the time, it will not allow you to be visible in the search engine results pages.


Free advertising on Google: it would be known

Contrary to what we just said above, the medium that probably interests you the most so that you are looking to put an ad there without paying is not accessible otherwise. And what could be more logical? You should never lose sight of that Google, though interested generous be it in the provision of free tools, which you perhaps use on a daily basis, cannot offer everything either, and very clearly placing a free ad on Google with the Google Adwords program is not possible.

So yes, there is an exception.

Some ads may actually be free when creating an Adwords account for which Google regularly offers generously trial coupons with a sum, generally $50 offered or $75 offered to allow you to test your ads and allow you to become dependent take a liking to the distribution of ads so that after you enter the Google Adwords program so as to feed a little more what is still very widely today, even if other income channels are also increasing, its first source of income, far ahead of everything else.

And even there, we cannot really consider that some ads are completely free, since Google offers you a credit to spend, only they will not be in reality, since to be able to benefit from the discount, you will still have to (e) add a contribution to it.

For example, for $25 spent, you have an account credited with $75 offered to spend $100 of advertisements on the Google Adwords network.

Conclusion of all this, you can imagine that the main search engine is not going to shoot itself in the foot by offering ads and – beyond being able to advertise for free on Google – also controls everything that is happening outside of the Adwords program to make sure that nothing can put a grain of sand in this now very well oiled machine and that no one benefits from free Google ad support that offers them enough advantages to take away the desire for Adwords. For the rest, having a good Adwords strategy can allow you to advertise at a lower cost, but it will never be free.

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