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Enter the name of one of your products or services in Google and observe the results. Do you see your competition’s Google ads first? It’s normal. If more and more companies decide to invest in Google Ads, it is because search engines have become an essential part of the buying process of the modern consumer . It is also because Google Ads is among the most profitable advertising platforms on the web. My Google Ads expert service in Kanpur provides you with AdWords experts to boost your paid search performance.

Working your Google advertising with us will allow you to place your offer at the heart of the buying cycle of your target customers when they are looking for your products and services. With Google Ads, you have full control of your budget in real-time and only pay for proven sales opportunities (clicks). This allows you to continuously optimize the use of your budget to achieve the best returns on investment. This is the challenge that we in Kanpur wants to help you meet.

Grow your sales and traffic with a Google Ads campaign (formerly Google Adwords)! Based in India,  Google Ads experts are all trained in SEA (paid search) techniques in order to guide you towards an ROI acquisition strategy. From defining the audience for your ad to reporting Analytics, including writing campaign materials, we advise small and large businesses.

Research Network Agency

Knowing how to arbitrate between quality score and click-through rate is the job of the Google Ads Expert. Thanks to a relevant structuring of your account as well as a strategy adapted to your business model, you optimize the SEA acquisition lever and obtain high performance!

Google Display Agency

Advertising packaging is a powerful acquisition lever to obtain traffic with a high conversion rate. Entrust the Google Ads expert with the management of your web marketing on Google Display. Text, picture or video ad? Google Display campaign only on mobile or desktop? Communicate on a set of sites depending on your target.

Google Shopping Agency

Do you have an e-commerce site? Mohsin, the Google Ads expert supports you in the deployment of your shopping campaign. In order to capture as many purchase intentions as possible and achieve a high conversion rate, our Google Shopping specialists will guide you. Goal ? Create a personalized showcase for each Internet user. The e-boutique of the future just a click away!

Youtube Ads Agency

Because half of Indian people, between 16 and 44 years old, watch at least one Youtube video a day, consider Youtube Ads for your digital marketing campaigns. I supports SMEs as well as large companies to define a targeted audience to whom to broadcast your video ads.

The questions our customers had before using our Google Ads Expert Service

By running Google advertising campaigns with a Google AdWords expert, our customers have found the answers to the following questions:

  • How do I compete with my competitors on search engines today?
  • How do I position my SME in the first results of Google searches immediately?
  • What keywords should I target with my Google advertising in order to appear to the right visitors?
  • How to set up a profitable Google Ads campaign?
  • How much should I spend on my Google Ads advertising to meet my goals?
  • How to measure and optimize the impact of my Google Ads campaigns?

Google Ads offers your SME the possibility of benefiting from immediate visibility adapted to your budget. Thus, in 2016, more than 2 million start-ups were using Google Ads ads in their digital marketing strategy to stimulate their growth.

Managed efficiently with our Google Ads Specialist Service, your Google Ads campaigns offer you the following advantages  :

You only pay when an interested person clicks on your ad: Unlike traditional marketing campaigns (eg poster, radio …), you know exactly where every dollar is invested.

You set your budget and control your expenses: For each PPC campaign, your google ads expert helps you define the budget suited to your budget among our three Google Ads packages. You can increase or decrease the daily bids to stay within your budget.

You target your customer at the right time, with the right message: Want to target a prospect in a specific city at a specific time? Your AdWords specialist will help you set up your Google advertising to target prospects who represent the best chance of additional income for your business.

Immediate results

Unlike organic search (SEO), which takes place over the long term, sponsored links get immediate results. Set up and launch the same day PPC campaign and start seeing results (traffic, conversions) the next day!

A real-time ROI

Your Google Ads expert can calculate your return on investment immediately. By comparing calls and clients signed against budgets spent, you will have an exact idea of the cost of acquiring a client and above all, your profitability.

Besides its rapid profitability, Google advertising also boosts your brand awareness. Just like advertising on social media, you position your offer in front of potential customers. This visibility makes it easier for qualified visitors to remember your brand. Once the process of purchasing these potential customers has started, your business is then one of the options considered.

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