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Google Ads for Startup: Boost visibility, generate leads, promote

When launching a startup or a new business, the need to find clients is a problem that quickly becomes necessary once the euphoria of the creation of the project has passed. The offer may be attractive, the product interesting, it is now time to find the traffic that will generate the first sales and a return on investment by choosing the right advertising media.

The Google Ads paid search advertising network is a tool that a business can take advantage of. With its Google search engine and its network of Display partner sites giving advertisers access to an extraordinary source of visibility. Targeting tools for audiences and specific keywords make it possible to capture highly targeted sources of traffic which can be an opportunity for your young business which must capture new customers and generate sales quickly.

However, the use of Google Ads can be costly and unprofitable if the strategy to be implemented is poorly defined. Use Google Ads to promote your startup online, yes, but not in any way, especially when the allocated budgets are initially more or less low.

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How to launch your first Google Ads campaign for a startup?

Google Ads is one of the best platforms for getting immediate and qualified traffic but many advertisers, especially startups, are concerned that Google Ads is too expensive and too complicated. The reality is different as long as you use the Google Ads tool at its optimal level so as not to waste budgets unnecessarily and quickly derive the most benefits.

By creating an optimum profitable campaign, you will then be able to scale up to larger volumes where possible to increase results.

Here is a list of tips to apply to get the most from your Google Ads and use your startup’s marketing budget in the most optimal way. Other articles are available on the Google Ads blog and may help you understand some of the points discussed here in more detail.

Prepare your campaign perfectly

  • Before getting started on Google Ads for a startup, you need to ask yourself some essential questions and define a strategy.
  • What are my goals?
  • Is my site ready to sell?
  • Are my offers competitive and well constructed?
  • How to structure my account?
  • Who is my typical customer?
  • Is my industry competitive? Saturated with competitors on Google Ads?
  • What is my budget and the cost per customer acquisition, prospect?

By answering these questions objectively, you can already assess the feasibility of your advertising project via sponsored links and establish a suitable strategy.

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Start with the research network

On Google Ads, you have the possibility to use several different advertising networks. Search Network Advertising is the most accurate targeting Google Ads advertising solution (also read our article on Free Google ad). Indeed your ads are displayed on targeted queries that it is possible to refine.

Search campaigns serve your ads to people who are actively researching the products or services you offer. They are the best option for you if you are on a budget. Once they are mastered and profitable, it is possible to broaden the prospecting field to improve your visibility.

Target highly qualitative keywords

Your selection of keywords must be optimal to target only people who are really interested in your services or products. Keywords are the building blocks of all AdWords strategies.

  • Put yourself in the customers’ shoes: imagine what customers type to find your products and services. Short and long-tail keywords.
  • Group the keywords by themes: the keywords must be grouped by semantic proximity, services, products, categories, etc.
  • Use the right targeting: by using the right keyword targeting, you will avoid appearing on queries that are too broad and unrelated to your target. Terms with multiple keywords are more targeted than short keywords.
  • Look at your competition: If competitors have been around for a long time, look at the keywords they are using to advertise.
  • Use your keyword market: the ads will have a significant CTR and this will not leave room for competitors.

Exclude as many keywords as possible

Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing on irrelevant search queries . By reducing irrelevant search queries, negative keywords help rank only on search queries that are relevant to your services and products. This will increase your CTR and will also improve the quality score and reduce the cost per click.

Manually manage auctions

Manual auctions, as the name suggests, allow you to make adjustments manually. This type of auction gives you maximum control and allows you to make quick changes. You can increase or decrease them based on a number of factors, such as keyword performance or ad position. This allows you to maintain full control over the budget and make changes as needed without delay to reduce the cost of your campaigns.

Create attractive ads and offers

Google Ads ads are the first contact with Internet users and potential customers. Highlight your offers and strengths to attract good quality clicks. The landing page and your offers should live up to the message being advertised and encourage them to achieve the desired conversions. Google Ads will not generate magical results if your offers are not competitive or irrelevant. Traffic is only a way to sell your products, they need to find their buyers.

Rigorously use performance indicators and conversion monitoring

Google Ads is an agency that gives you access to a multitude of statistics and tools to monitor the actions carried out by your visitors. Tracking conversions on Google Ads is essential to optimize and identify which elements of your campaigns (keywords, ads, landing pages, etc.) are profitable or on the contrary make you lose money.

By using conversion tracking, you will also be able to create similar audiences and target users with the same characteristics on the Google Ads display network.

Use remarketing

The conversion process for your customers may take longer or shorter depending on their conversion cycle. It is possible that a visitor will order directly from your site on the first visit, but in general, they will probably need to come back later to complete their thought process. Remarketing, therefore, makes it possible to target your visitors on the google search engine and on the Display network in order to make them come back and complete their conversion process. By setting aside the use of remarketing, you are losing significant potential sales to achieving your goals.

Get help

By calling on a specialized Google Ads agency such as Net Offensive, you are using the know-how of a team of professionals capable of carrying out the action plan without unnecessary expenditure. With a range of targeted services and well-orchestrated benefits, most Google Ads strategies end up working.

However, it is necessary to obtain a sufficient quantity of statistics to make trade-offs and to obtain a certain momentum in the synergy to measure the results in reliable ways. It takes two to three months to adjust and arbitrate the results of Google Ads sponsored link campaigns.

Our Google Partner certified agency has already supported startups in setting up their web marketing and internet advertising strategy.

to summarize

A startup must set up effective work to obtain rapid and significant performance. Google Ads online CPC ads can help achieve this for startup business.

In order to generate a profitable presence and obtain a good return on investment, it is necessary:

  • Define its acquisition objective.
  • To maintain a good visit / CPC ratio.
  • In order to optimize its ad groups and advertisements.
  • Follow the king of different actions.
  • Keep targeting criteria tight so as not to disperse.

Net Offensive will be able to provide you with all the advice you need to put in place effective strategies according to your requirements and criteria in terms of ROI. We can perform an audit of your Google Ads campaigns and work on bidding and conversion optimization.

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