How do I create quality links to my site?

The network of links has long been recognized as one of the main levers of seo. Beyond the number of links, you have to look for quality links , that is to say links from qualitative and trusted sites in the eyes of search engines.

Links pointing to your site bring it popularity, one of the three pillars of SEO. In the case of links, it is the Penguin filter injected into the Google algorithm that will take care of judging the quality and influence of a link on your SEO.

What is an incoming link or backlink and its influence on SEO?

By definition, a backlink of a web page is a link present in a third-party website or in your site and which points to the URL of this page . There are two types of links: internal inbound links and external inbound links. In the case of netlinking, we will focus in particular on incoming external links.

Boost your SEO with external links to your site

The work of your network of links is a non-negligible task in natural referencing. Google and its robots are now seeking to offer quality content, verified (to a certain extent) and responding to Internet users’ searches.

The algorithms then defined as a referencing criterion: netlinking. The idea is simple: “What responds more to Internet users than content that Internet users recommend? “. Finally, boosting your SEO via the link network consists of getting people talking about you. Yes but how ?

How to get a quality SEO link?

Boosting your popularity via backlinking can be done in two ways. First, by “naturally” working on your popularity in order to obtain backlinks from other sites through your content. Second, by asking quality sites to publish your content or write an article about your company, product or service.

Produce quality content to get natural backlinks

We can never say it enough, in SEO: “Content is king”. Assume that this adage also applies to netlinking. If your content is qualitative, then you will get backlinks to it.

The quality of content depends on three criteria:

> Writing: spelling, length, information, structure

> Originality : unique content, not a simple reformulation

> Semantics : clear subject, secondary topics covered, response to Internet users

When writing, think about the needs and expectations of your Internet users: is my subject interesting, what information are Internet users looking for, how can you encourage them to share it?

Dissemination of content: communication and digital PR

You now have worked, useful and unique content. But how to bring him the necessary popularity and above all allow him to shine on the web? One solution: broadcasting. It’s a bit of a snake biting its own tail, but the more content is distributed, the more it will be relayed, the more popular it will be and therefore relayed again.

Communication around content can be done in two ways:

→ First, linkbaiting via online distribution on your media , whether via your professional social networks, communication tools or mailings. You publish a striking article on a current event: announce it! If the content is liked you will get feedback, comments and … links J.

→ Second, dissemination via a network of partners . In this context, the goal is to work with media (brands/sites) which will have an interest in the content and which will then be likely to share it. We then enter into a work of digital PR .

Namely, these methods are considered natural: you share your expertise and disseminate it to as many people as possible in order to improve the popularity of your site and gain quality links to your site .

Although natural, netlinking methods are not “free”. Indeed, netlinking is undoubtedly one of the most time-consuming levers of SEO: creating content takes time, identifying media too and distribution even more. Apart from the time spent, you will also need to plan, in some cases, a budget for the distribution of your content.

What is a good backlink?

A good backlink is a link that feels natural. The site must refer to your site as a trusted site, likely to provide additional information on a subject treated: for example to illustrate the remarks of an article.

On your side, you must be interested in the interest and the repercussion of this link on your site. It is then necessary to check two elements: the site at the origin of the link and the markup of this link.

Which sites for quality backlinks?

When you get a backlink, it is essential to check the quality of the site that makes you this link. Here are different things you can look at:

→ The authority of the site: the Link Explorer tool from Moz notably allows you to know the Domain Authority of a domain name. That is to say, the strength of a domain name: the higher this figure, the more links from this domain name will be valued.

Test of the site on the Moz Link Explorer tool

→ The theme of the site and the article: the site talks about your area of ​​expertise, it presents a lot of quality content, the article is related to your content.

Technically, what is a good backlink?

Technically, a backlink is a word or phrase embedded in an <a href> tag . Link tags can be embellished with different attributes to give robots more information.

Composition of a good return link:

→ The word or phrase, called an anchor, must contain the main keyword of your content. The closer the anchor is to the expression on which you are positioning yourself, the more interesting the backlink.

→ The Nofollow attribute: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>. By adding the rel Nofollow attribute, the site tells robots not to “follow” the link and does not transmit popularity. Thus, the robot stays on the content it is crawling. We prefer the rel=”dofollow” attribute, which then sends the robot to your site.

→ A few weeks ago, Google added 2 new attributes for Nofollow links to its algorithm: UGC and Sponsored .

What tools to monitor your inbound links?

It is important to monitor your network of links , in particular to report potentially penalizing links. Many tools exist to monitor incoming links to your website. Orson conducted a comparative study of backlink monitoring tools .

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