How to find my Website Rank in Google Search?

How to find my Website Rank in Google Search?

What is the ranking of a website?

Difficult to answer the question “How to find my Website Rank in Google Search?” Without knowing what this classification is. The ranking of a website corresponds to the position of the latter on a results page. In addition, there is not a ranking for a website but rankings because the results page varies according to the request entered by the Internet user in the search engine.

The ranking of my site on Google on a results page depends on many criteria defined by search engines. We know these criteria in broad outline but the algorithms of the engines are so sophisticated that it is impossible to make a precise list of them and to explain in detail the ranking of each website on a results page.

We use natural referencing or SEO methods (read our article on Statistics and key figures on local SEO) to improve the positioning of websites.  So the most important criteria are to have quality content that interests Internet users, links pointing to our site from popular sites (net linking) and a technically efficient site. Note that hundreds of other criteria exist but these are the most general and the most important.

You can also use an SEO agency to gain visibility on the internet.


How do I know the ranking of my website?

First of all, know that there are several methods to “track and find out the ranking of my site on Google” on several requests.

The first method is to type the request directly into a search engine and then to look at where our site is positioned. However, search engines are personalized and do not display the same results for each user.

Indeed, search engines take into account your cookies, your history, your IP address, your language, the sites you prefer etc. Therefore the classification you have in front of you is not the same as that of your neighbour. Also, the difference is even more accentuated if you work personally and regularly on your website.

The second method is to use tools. Especially since there are a large number of free or paid tools to monitor the positioning of your website with precision.


SEMRush to know the position of my site on Google

SEMRush is a very popular SEO tool because it provides a lot of information. Like website traffic, the queries on which they rank, the position changes on a query. Thus the tool allows you to create customizable monitoring tables and reports, practical for monitoring and knowing the ranking of your website.


How to find my Website Rank in Google Search


Smallseotools to know the ranking of my site on Google with precision is a simple SEO tool, you just have to type a request and your domain name to see where it is positioned. Indeed the tool refers to several data centres to give your average position. Therefore it is a simple way to find out the ranking of your website manually.

How to find my Website Rank in Google Search



TheHoth in order to know the position of my website

TheHoth an SEO tool that has many features. Such as measuring performance, auditing your site, analyzing the competition, evaluating backlinks and many more.

Just like SEMrush, you can follow your positions on several queries, desktop and mobile versions. Also with this tool, you can create online dashboards to track and know the ranking of your website on google.

How to find my Website Rank in Google Search

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