SEO Analyst - Search Engine Optimization Consultant

The goal of an SEO analyst is to develop your site’s traffic from search engines by advising you on optimizations for SEO.

The mission of the SEO analyst: find the right acquisition levers, develop the audience, satisfy the searches of Internet users corresponding to the content of your site, and put in place a solid strategy to develop your visibility.

SEO on another level

SEO Media provides quality solutions and advice to improve the visibility of any website

SEO E-commerce

For e-commerce sites, many levers can be operated to boost traffic from search engines

Googel News

To improve traffic on Google News, there are many reliable and sustainable techniques that generate more visibility on this vertical.

SEO Techniques

SEO is not an occult science! SEO Media provides technical and editorial training for beginners, advanced or confirmed.

What is an SEO analyst or consultant?

An SEO analyst is a specialized professional who accompanies you in your strategy for acquiring traffic on the internet, especially through search engines. It is directly linked to web marketing since organic traffic also depends on the digital communication strategy implemented on a website.

SEO consultant is a specialist job, constantly watching over the latest engine developments and good SEO practices, since they too are subject to change over the months, like everything in IT, according to the updates. up-to-date search engine algorithms.

Since 2006, I have been working in the world of the Internet and SEO  instantly became a passion. This passion drives me to be a better SEO consultant every day, a reliable expert, able to manage SEO projects from start to finish, whatever the challenge or the lever to be activated (netlinking, e-reputation, semantic optimization, strategy content, etc.). After working on my personal websites (which still serve as a laboratory for me today), I became Head of SEO in a Parisian SEO agency where I managed several high-level SEO consultants. I then created my company to support my clients in their long-term organic traffic acquisition campaign, in France and abroad, as a senior consultant and trainer.

Skills of an SEO consultant

The basic technical skills of an SEO consultant are as follows:

  • Mastery of search engine ranking algorithms
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript / XML: the languages ​​used to display web pages
  • Server-side programming languages ​​(PHP, ASP, Python, Ruby …)
  • Knowledge of configuring a web server (especially Apache)
  • Databases (MySQL type)
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Comscore, AT Internet, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the most common CMS (WordPress, Drupal, EZ, Typo3, etc.)
  • CommunicationWeb (partnerships, PR)
  • Site monetization (affiliation, online advertising, sales of leads, etc.)

Many other skills (editorial, UX, web performance, relational) must also be developed by the SEO consultant to ensure quality work and optimal performance of the SEO service. These skills are learned through experience.


Mohsin beg – SEO analyst & strategist Media – SEO Consultant Kanpur, India.

SEO optimization of a site

After performing an SEO audit, the SEO strategist summarizes the blocking points and organizes them by priority.

The SEO expert then focuses on producing recommendations to improve the site’s natural referencing (its ranking in search engines). The challenge for the SEO consultant is therefore to increase the share of traffic coming from search engines on a set of keywords belonging to the different themes addressed by the site, without using sponsored links (Search Engine Advertising).

As an SEO consultant, I attach particular importance to adapting my recommendations to the technical possibilities of my clients and their marketing strategy . It is not necessary to provide SEO advice on solutions that cannot be implemented. I therefore set about working my recommendations according to this mode of operation because there are often several solutions … This is how I intend to exercise my profession of SEO consultant.

The recommendations don’t stop there! Indeed, after the analysis and delivery of recommendations, the mission continues with a follow-up of integrations as well as telephone support allowing my customers to ask me questions, to seek advice on SEO or online marketing issues. (Web marketing).

SEO consulting

Experienced SEO analyst, it is important for me to properly include my recommendations in the development strategy of the site I am responsible for. It is therefore necessary to favor close and regular contact, as well as a good implementation of the recommended optimizations.

As such,  SEO  training for technical teams (see also High-Level SEO training ) and editorial teams are available, provided by a Senior SEO consultant in order to transfer these skills within the company and ensure better acceptance of the constraints of internal SEO  (SEO is often misunderstood or just badly taken……).

The SEO consultant delivers an implementation follow-up system allowing dialogue and organization. It orders the recommendations according to the priorities: from the most important optimizations for natural referencing, to the least important. This allows clients to organize the work of implementing recommendations.

Finally, once the optimizations have been put into production, support continues by making a few “fine tuning” changes and working on the development of new sections, pages or functionalities within customer sites.

I hope that these explanations of how I see the profession of SEO consultant have convinced you that we must work together. I favor relationships of trust and confidentiality, and the success of my clients on search engines is my priority.

SEO strategy

Choose an efficient and long-term acquisition strategy

Local SEO

Become visible on geolocated requests(city, department, region)

SEO consulting

Increase the visibility & traffic of any site from search engines

Paid SEO

It is sometimes appropriate to couple natural referencing services with paid referencing campaigns.

There are several platforms, mainly two leading advertising agencies:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads

Bing Ads

This US administration is comparable in operation to Google Adwords. The difference will rather lie in the performance on French territory. Indeed, Google has such a market share, the traffic generated is directly proportional. However, it is also a different target and conversion opportunities that should not be overlooked in certain market niches.

For international traffic, Bing Ads is a definite option depending on the geographic areas targeted.

Web analytics

The site traffic analysis tools make it possible to extract valuable statistics aimed, among other things, at determining the best performing pages and those which should be optimized or promoted.

Among these tracking tools, one of the most popular is developed by Google: Google Analytics. This free tool is very powerful and on the other hand allows the integration of extensions and the use of APIs in order to exploit the data at best.

Many other tools exist, offering different functionalities or tracking systems based on other criteria, or services adapted to sites with very high traffic, such as example:

  • Piwik (not for big sites)
  • AT Internet
  • Comscore
  • etc.

Among the tools used daily by SEO consultants, web analytics represent a gold source of data to guide work and improve traffic qualification.

Google Adwords

This is the governance of search marketing. Available in multiple languages and targeting many countries, Google Adwords also allows advertisers to display their advertising on publisher sites using the powerful Google Adsense delivery tool.

The auction system is subject to algorithmic rules based on a quality indicator: the Quality Score.
This index can be improved, thus making it possible to optimize the average cost of campaigns and improve the frequency of display of ads.

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