SEO and SXO: the winning combination for your site

The optimization of a site for search engines, or Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) in the original version, is essential to be visible in the search results of Internet users. However, it is not enough to retain users over the long term, unlike SXO techniques …


The majority of Internet users seeking information or a product use a search engine, most often google. Many will then be limited to the results appearing on the first page of search results. Therefore, your site must appear as high as possible in this list when a user launches a search relevant to what you are offering! It is possible to do this for a fee by resorting to the purchase of keywords. But this technique is expensive and does not guarantee maximum efficiency. Indeed, some Internet users are suspicious of these sponsored links and avoid clicking on them.

The SEO is about free him. Indeed, it allows the sites deemed the most relevant by Google’s algorithms to be the most visible in this results list. It will be pretty easy to be included if you are in a niche market with few competitors. On the other hand, in disputed markets, the intervention of an SEO expert is almost essential to see his site quickly emerge in this coveted Top and thus increase his audience!


SEO is a way to be seen … It should not, however, be an end in itself. The ultimate goal is not to increase your click-through count but to have users who stay on the site. In the case of a commercial site, the objective is to materialize their visit by making a purchase or at least making contact. Therefore, it is essential to offer the Internet user a pleasant and therefore practical user experience (User eXperience in its original version, or UX ). The site must be clear so that the Internet user quickly finds what he is looking for. But also relevant by responding effectively to what he is looking for.

This SEO and SXO combination makes it possible to transform a simple passing visitor into a prospect likely to buy or even into a customer, by providing him with a good browsing experience and responding to what he is looking for. SEO optimization doesn’t have to become a one-man obsession. You must offer the Internet user straightforward navigation, in particular by applying the famous rule of three clicks: any page of the site must be reached in three clicks maximum, and these must be intuitive!

Avoid catch-all pages. They may attract clicks but are quickly zapped—ditto for pages overloaded with advertisements or links, quickly unreadable.

This SXO optimization approach will allow you to have a robust site, easily understandable by users. Indirectly, it will increase your natural referencing. Google algorithms evolve regularly to favor the best-designed sites according to the UX. And, conversely, penalize those who abuse SEO  to the detriment of form and substance!

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