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The Social Media Expert ensures the development of a company’s digital strategy on social media. Its objective is to increase the visibility of the company, create leads and ensure the brand’s e-reputation. It conveys the values ​​of the company! This is why a good digital strategy must be defined to optimize the brand image. In this article, Coffee-Marketing reveals the main missions of the Social Media Manager.

The creation of the influence strategy:

In accordance with the various marketing levers, the Social Media Expert contributes to the company’s digital strategy. By taking brand management into consideration, it defines the various relevant social media to increase the visibility of the company and develop its activity. The design of a social media strategy includes in particular the definition of domain names and the demographic/geographic breakdown of the strategy.

The development of social media activity:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest? There are a lot of different social networks. But beware, the objective is not to be present on each of them. The Social Media Manager must define the most relevant social networks on which to communicate according to the activity of the company and the content to be relayed. Once the social media have been chosen, the Social Media Guru creates an editorial schedule. The frequency and theme of future publications should be planned.

The production of web content:

The Social Media Expert broadcasts a variety of web content to animate its communities. Videos, animated gifs, photos … The use of software such as Photoshop or Premiere Pro is essential to create quality content arousing the interest of Internet users. For very specific creations requiring the know-how of graphic designers, the Social Media Manager must lead the projects to be set up.

The implementation of social listening:

To carry out competitive intelligence and brand intelligence, the implementation of social listening tools is very effective. Take, for example, the POEM (“Paid, Owned and Earned Media”) concept, which provides quantitative and qualitative data on the types of exposure of the brand. What are Internet users saying about the company? The Social Media Expert can then compare the notoriety and visibility of a brand against that of its competitors. Monitoring the brand image and that of its competitors is essential to ensure a good e-reputation and avoid bad buzz.

Trend monitoring:

After pineapple and flamingo, what will be the next trend? The Social Media Guru must take an interest in current events and the environment around him to find the gems of the moment. Surfing on modern themes can allow the Social Media Guru to adapt to his environment. He can then offer his community ever more creative and modern content. In terms of trends, it is also important to know the evolutions of the web and the arrival of new algorithms to keep a relevant strategy.

Identifying influencers:

Opinion leaders can be a real springboard for a company’s social media activity. Indeed, some of them have several thousand subscribers. They, therefore, have a certain influence on a very specific area. By creating partnerships with influencers, the Social Media Expert then obtains more visibility on his web content.

Presence at events:

The Social Media Expert can create a close relationship with his communities by participating in events, trade fairs, conferences related to the company’s activity. During these events, he has the opportunity to broadcast live videos, which are very popular at the moment.

Community loyalty:

If having subscribers is good, retaining them is better! For this, the Social Media Guru must animate his communities with relevant web content and using a very specific and recognizable tone. The activities of the Social Media Manager must be consistent with one another to respect the common identity around which the community identifies. To retain Internet users, he must also prevent bad buzz by responding to disputed comments.

Performance analysis:

The Social Media Manager sets up KPIs and follows the evolution of the company’s visibility on social networks. Traffic to the website, customer loyalty, turnover generated from social media… These are all results that the Social Media Guru must analyze to assess the performance of the digital strategy put in place.

The Social Media Guru may also have the task of writing blog articles. To know everything about blogging techniques, do not hesitate to consult our article on this topic.

Do you want to improve the visibility of your business on social media? The Coffee-Marketing team is made up of a Social Media Expert who will be happy to work with you on your digital strategy. So, do not hesitate to contact us !

social media expert

Social media in a business context

  • Development of digital communications strategies
    • Analysis of communication needs
    • Development of a digital communications plan
  • Creation or optimization of social accounts/profiles
    • Creation of new profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
    • Optimization of existing profiles (content, graphic design, etc.)
    • Development of publication strategies
    • Inter-account linkage (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, etc.)
  • Online reputation management (e-reputation)
    • Analysis of the situation
    • Web watch
  • Content creation
    • Image bank
    • Writing
social media expert

Online advertising

Online advertising is one of the most affordable and effective ways to get new visitors to your website. Precise targeting makes it possible to reach only the right audiences, at the right time.

  • Design and management of Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Ad retargeting
social media expert


With speed and authenticity being paramount on the web, managing your social media presence should be handled internally as much as possible. In order to equip you, I can support you so that you can get the most out of your use of social media. If you are short on time, outsourcing management can also be a solution.

  • Use of Facebook, Facebook Power Editor, and Facebook Business manager
  • Creation of advertising campaigns
  • Other tailor-made training

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